Welcome to Afro Lifestyle!

Hello and Welcome All!

I’m so excited that you are watching my incredible journey with this blog. There are so many things that I will discuss here, but would love to here from you on things that you would like to see on my blog. As a blogger, I here to entertain, excite and liberate you guys through my writing and pictures. Blogging has been an personal outlet of mine and I will love to share my ideas and thoughts with you through my blog. Afro Lifestyle is a blog for everyone to read, but its me embarking on my journey of black womanhood and my day to day as a black women enjoying culture, food,  art , beauty and fashion which have all been a hobby of mine.

Beside blogging as my outlet, I’m also a college student studying medicine to become a medical professional. Now these things don’t stop me from doing the other things that I love. Beauty and Brains at its finest ok. To add all of that I’m also an entrepreneur and creator of my small business ; Afro Life Goods where I sell homemade teas and body scrubs and more created by me. They are natural, eco friendly, affordable and homemade by yours truly. Prices and Merchandise is under the Shop Tag as well, so take a look if you see anything that looks good to you.  I’ll be sure to let you guys know when the online website launches so you can purchases some goodies. 😉

Honestly I’m glad your here and Hope you enjoy every moment of my blog! And Again, Welcome!

– Zoe Ali