Summer Grind Time: BE Fit! 

So it’s Summer and that means getting your hashtags #body goals or that bikini you  picked out at the Mall, well I’m with all of you guys with that! I just recently started to do Training/Workout and it’s been great to see me stay fit and get the body shape I want. Now,  honestly sometimes you have to be realistic when it comes to your fitness and overall health. There’s a lot of accountability to make sure you stick with your schedule and allow yourself to see the results you want to see. With you losing weight, gaining weight, toning your abs, burning calories, training for a sport ; you have to put in the work to see the results you want. As an athlete myself, I kinda slack off with stretching and working out but I hold myself accountable because I also need to be ready when my season starts. 

My Summer Workout Routine is pretty much this but it changes sometime depending on my day! 

8:30- 8:45: RISE AND GRIND ⛅️

9:00- 9:10 PRE WORKOUT FOOD 🥛

9:15-9:30 STRETCHING 

9:35- 10:30 BEGIN NIKE TRAINING! 🏋🏾‍♀️

10:35-10:45 COOL DOWN  ❄️

10:50- 11:15 : SHOWER 🚿

11:20: EAT BREAKFAST 🥞🥓🍳 


That’s pretty much my schedule if I don’t have a work shift to interfere with my training time. I also Run Every Saturday Morning and One time during the week depending on my training schedule. It’s an organized way for me to see what days I got to do what and prepare myself. 
If you guys want more fitness blog post, I’ll post some the next upcoming weeks and show you guys my fitness improvements! 

This is by the Nike Training Club App! You can download from the App Store for all my iPhone users. 

I’ll post more fitness and beauty blog post for the rest of the month. Also if you guys want to see what’s on my iPhone 7+ , I’ll be be happy to do so! Later 🙂 

Zoe Ali 


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